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Hej Phuket - The leading Scandinavian Phuket Magazine

Hej Phuket Magazine

-The largest and leading Scandinavian magazine in Phuket!


No Hej Phuket Magazines will be produced during the 2017-2018 high season since the editorial staff are currently staying at other locations.

Every year a great amount of Scandinavians visits Phuket. Those high quality guests from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark are looking for a good and memorable holiday in Phuket.

They want good hotels, good food, good shopping and a lots of funny, exciting and relaxing things to do while here in Phuket.

To many Scandinavians, both tourists and expats, the Hej Phuket Magazine is their number one favourite Phuket magazine.

Through Hej Phuket Magazine they get a lots of good ideas about what to do, where to go, what to see, where to stay and where to eat, as well as a lots of guidance and important information about Phuket and Thailand.

Get a lot of new customers through Hej Phuket Magazine

Would you like to be a part of the Hej Phuket Magazine and give all our tens of thousands of monthly readers the good idea to visit your place also?!

Then you must definately have an ad in the Hej Phuket Magazine – The most famous and popular Scandinavian Magazine in Phuket!


Hej Phuket Magazine – A funny and exciting Phuket guide

The Hej Phuket Magazine, which is a completely free of charge magazine, is a perfect mix of funny and exciting easy-to-read stories, guidance about Phuket, important information, advices, maps, events calendar, facts about Phuket and Thailand and good, successful promotion of all our advertising partners.

Some of the content in Hej Phuket Magazine:

-Important phone numbers  Phuket_Magasin
-Thai culture and manners
-Common Thai phrases
-Facts about Phuket and Thailand
-Events Calendar (Whats going on in Phuket this month)
-Good advices when visiting Phuket and Thailand
-Funny, exciting and educational, easy-to-read stories about places, people and other things in Phuket
-Food, entertainment and shopping
-Health and beautiness
-Phuket beaches and islands
-What to see and what to do when in Phuket
-Crosswords and Sudoku
-Event pictures

And yeah, by the way: Hej Phuket means ”Hello Phuket!”  :)

Delivered to a large number of locations in Phuket

Every issue of Hej Phuket Magazine is delivered to more than 200 places in Phuket:

Resorts, hotels, guesthouses with many Scandinavian guests, Scandinavian restaurants, cafés, shops, bars, holiday apartments etc.

The main areas where the magazines are delivered are the Kata, Karon, Patong, Kamala, Surin and Bang Tao areas, but the magazines are also delivered to some places in Rawai, Chalong and Phuket Town.

The Hej Phuket Magazine is also delivered to many public places in Phuket such as hospitals, consulates and other public places as well as to the Scandinavian embassies in Bangkok.

We are delivering the magazines by ourselves to make sure it reaches out in the best way everywhere.

Besides our own supplies, we also have some volunteers that places the magazines at different locations such as holiday apartments for rent, privately owned villa- and condo complexes, gated communities etc.

The number one Scandinavian magazine on Phuket



Hej Phuket web site

Every new issue of the magazine, as well as the past ones for the latest year, are always readable at our web site through the link Arkiv in the meny.

Everyone who has a smartphone, tablet or lap top can easily read the magazines online, and we can see that a lots of people are also reading it while still in Scandinavia.

Except of reading the magazines online, many visitors also reads the updated online version of the event guide (Whats going on in Phuket this month).

Another popular part of the Hej Phuket website is the partners page, where our readers can find detailed information about our advertising partners by clicking their logos.

Hej Phuket Magazine on Facebook

Hej Phuket also has it´s own Facebook group where we posts information, pictures, a weekly updated events calendar and much more. Every post use to be seen by 2.000-3.000 people with some posts read by up to 15.000 people.

Be a part of the Hej Phuket success

Let all our tens of thousands of Scandinavian readers know about your business and what you can offer!

We are looking forward to marketing your business in a successful way by ads in the Hej Phuket The No. 1 Scandinavian MagazineHej Phuket Magazine, at the Hej Phuket web site and Facebook group and, if you are having an upcomming event, in the Hej Phuket Events Calendar.

We have three different ads sizes in the magazine: Full Page, Half Page and Quater Page.

When advertising in Hej Phuket Magazine you will have a lots of things added for free:

  • Your ad also in the web version of Hej Phuket Magazine.
  • A mark on the big Phuket island map to show your location. Both in the printed magazine and the web magazine.
  • A mark with your logotype and your business name on the local map of Kamala, Patong, Karon, Kata, Surin or Bang Tao, to show your exact location. Both in the printed magazine and the web magazine.This makes it easy for everyone to find your location!
  • Two ads per issue for free in the Events Calendar both in the printed magazine, in the web magazine and in the Hej Phuket Facebook group.
  • A ”welcome post” highlighting your business in the Hej Phuket Facebook group.
  • Ads production for free. We will tailor your ad to make the most out of it!

Hej Phuket Magazine the leading Scandinavian Phuket Magazine

We have a great know-how in media and ads businessHej Phuket Magazine

The people working with the Hej Phuket Magazine has 15 years of experience in the media and ads business. We know what works and will use all that knowledge to your advantage!

To advertise in Hej Phuket Magazine means you are pin-pointing high quality guests in Phuket.

A full page or a half page ad is a big ad which is impossible to miss when reading the magazine.

With the free marks on both at the Phuket island map and the local map, customers and guests will always easily find you.

Ready to have new customers?

-Just give us a call or write us an e-mail!

Welcome to contact us at:
E-mail: info@hejphuket.com

The staff at Hej Phuket Magazine